October 31, 2022

By Josh Baker

The air is getting a little chillier, the nights are getting a little darker, that must mean that Halloween has crept up on us. It’s the perfect occasion to turn the lights off and have a horror film binge fest, or maybe you’re looking for some inspiration for your own project? In that case we have some great ‘spooky’ locations featured on our Filming in England locations database that might just provide the perfect backdrop…

This isolated eerie church with stunning views of the Lake District and Pennines in Cumbria
This Gothic cathedral in Cheshire
This abandoned estate building in Buckinghamshire
This man-made underground cavern in Buckinghamshire
This flooded subterranean cavern in Derbyshire
This disused prison in Shropshire
This 18th century Georgian prison in Norfolk
This tunnel which forms a small network inter-linked quarries in Cumbria
This medieval underground chamber in Hertfordshire
This Victorian train tunnel in Northamptonshire
This disused hospital wing in Hertforshire
This military training base with old Soviet vehicles in Cumbria
This ancient forest in Gloucestershire
This old RAF base in Oxforshire
This unusual 100ft folly in Oxfordshire
This studio corridor in Buckinghamshire

To see more spooky locations throughout England, visit the Filming In England locations database or get in touch with our team to find out more about the locations featured above.