Production Support

For filming enquiries across the South West Image

For filming enquiries across the South West

If you are a feature or TV drama, please contact Charlotte Wood, South West Production Liaison Manager

+44 (0) 7795 088501

For all other production types, please visit Planning Your Shoot

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Local Filming Support

Studios & Build Space

The Bottle Yard Studios

Studio features include

  • 11 stages in total; eight at the main site and three at TBY2, the Studios’ new premium facility which opened in 2022
  • New TBY2 facility powered by a 1MWp community-owned solar rooftop PV array, one of the largest of its kind in the UK
  • Stages ranging in size from 8,000sq ft to 22,000sq ft.
  • Ceiling heights of up to 65ft
  • 5,000sq ft green screen with infinity coving and green floor
  • Ancillary spaces including dressing rooms, make up and costume areas, prop and set storage
  • Construction workshops
  • Fully furnished production office suites
  • Up to 10GB resilient and secure connectivity
  • Range of sophisticated IT systems and support packages available, including VoIP telephony and large upload capability, pay as you go bandwidth ‘burst’ options and bespoke network builds
  • Extensive back lot for unit base and exterior sets, parking, café and 24/7 site security
  • Creative Hub of more than 20 permanent businesses offering services to the film and tv industry
  • For more information please visit here

Patchway Studios

Studio features include:

  • Over 44k sqft of flexible build and ancillary space
  • 56k sqft of backlot and parking
  • A working height of 25ft 
  • A 37,000 sqft sound stage 
  • Back-stage facilities 
  • Production offices 
  • For more information, please visit here

Rain Dogs © BBC/Sid Gentle Films/HBO/Simon Ridgway

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