Studio Details

Shinfield Studios is an exciting new 18 stage production hub currently in development. Building on the UK’s global reputation for producing world class content, it will offer film and TV producers 18 new purpose-built sound stages within a development exceeding 1 million square feet together with workshop and mill space plus a contemporary office environment and post production facility.

Stage 1 is now open (4 stages, workshops, offices), with the entire site to be opened in phases by 2024.
Technical Specification
  • Total Stage Size (Area): 73,080sq ft
  • Tallest Working Height (feet): 36ft
  • Number of stages: 4

Show Stages

Stage No. Area Tallest Working Height (feet)
117,010 sq ft36 ft
217,010 sq ft36 ft
319,530 sq ft36 ft
419,530 sq ft36 ft
Sustainable practices
Sound stage
Loading bay
On-site parking
Production offices
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