Studio Details

Synonymous with some of the big and small screen’s most enduring productions over its 85-year history, Pinewood’s iconic UK studios are just 8 miles from Heathrow airport and 20 miles from central London.
Home to the legendary 007 Stage, 23 stages, 3 TV studios, the permanently-filled Underwater Stage, one of Europe’s largest exterior tanks, acres of backlot, large amount of production office and workshop space and a media hub for over 140 independent businesses, Pinewood has everything you need
Technical Specification
  • Total Stage Size (Area): 506,234sq ft
  • Tallest Working Height (feet): 50ft
  • Number of stages: 24

Show Stages

Stage No. Area Tallest Working Height (feet)
007 Stage59,092 sq ft41 ft
The Roger Moore Stage38,789 sq ft50 ft
334,496 sq ft42 ft
Q30,104 sq ft50 ft
The Richard Attenborough Stage30,044 sq ft50 ft
727,589 sq ft49 ft
827,589 sq ft49 ft
625,246 sq ft49 ft
424,770 sq ft50 ft
224,770 sq ft50 ft
124,770 sq ft50 ft
R19,140 sq ft35 ft
S19,140 sq ft35 ft
A18,150 sq ft35 ft
D18,150 sq ft35 ft
E18,150 sq ft35 ft
910,513 sq ft33 ft
L9,450 sq ft30 ft
M9,450 sq ft30 ft
B8,910 sq ft34 ft
C8,910 sq ft34 ft
N8,320 sq ft19 ft
F7,500 sq ft35 ft
H3,192 sq ft35 ft
Sound stage
Underwater tank
Loading bay
On-site parking
Production offices
Contact Information
Production Credits
  • Jurassic World: Dominion: Universal Studios 2022
  • Eternals: Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Pictures 2021
  • No Time to Die: MGM / Universal Pictures 2021
  • Black Widow: Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Pictures 2021
  • Dumbo: Walt Disney Pictures 2019
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Walt Disney Pictures 2019