Studio Details

The old Granada Studios were located on Quay Street in Manchester, purpose built in 1954. Until 2013 they homed many great television programmes, and from 2016 we have been refurbishing these iconic studios, adding new state-of-the-art facilities and growing the number of studios and stages to the current portfolio of fifteen studios and stages. So far, we have supported a wide range of new TV and feature films, including BAFTA and Oscar winning productions.
Technical Specification
  • Total Stage Size (Area): 53,368sq ft
  • Tallest Working Height (feet): 36ft
  • Number of stages: 15

Show Stages

Stage No. Area Tallest Working Height (feet)
110,200 sq ft26 ft
23,280 sq ft33 ft
38,000 sq ft36 ft
45,400 sq ft36 ft
54,500 sq ft22 ft
63,200 sq ft13 ft
7535 sq ft11 ft
8624 sq ft11 ft
9624 sq ft11 ft
10624 sq ft11 ft
11624 sq ft11 ft
12624 sq ft11 ft
131,350 sq ft16 ft
148,483 sq ft27 ft
155,300 sq ft29 ft
Sound stage
Back-stage facilities
Green screen
Production offices
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