Studio Details

Elstree Studios has been synonymous with filmmaking since 1926 having produced over 800 feature films and similar numbers of television programmes. It boasts 9 film and TV stages, including the famous George Lucas stages being two of the tallest in Europe. The brand-new Platinum Stages provide over 34,000 sq ft of additional stage space. Elstree also offers many production offices, workshops, dressing rooms, a 28-seat preview theatre, wardrobe, make up & rehearsal rooms and a spacious backlot.
Technical Specification
  • Total Stage Size (Area): 95,712sq ft
  • Tallest Working Height (feet): 49ft
  • Number of stages: 9

Show Stages

Stage No. Area Tallest Working Height (feet)
115,770 sq ft49 ft
215,770 sq ft49 ft
317,367 sq ft45 ft
417,381 sq ft45 ft
55,500 sq ft25 ft
63,844 sq ft25 ft
74,980 sq ft32 ft
87,550 sq ft32 ft
97,550 sq ft32 ft
Audience seating
Sound stage
Back-stage facilities
Green screen
On-site parking
Production offices
Contact Information
Production Credits
  • The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe: Story Films / ITV 2022
  • The Crown: Left Bank Pictures / Netflix 2022
  • The Chase: ITV 2022
  • Strictly Come Dancing: BBC 2022