Studio Details

Arborfield Studios is situated in Wokingham, Berkshire, around 40 miles from central London, and is run by the well established Longcross Studios in Surrey. Aborfield is a former army barracks that was built more than 100 years ago. The newly-developed site comprises size stages, ranging from around 7,000 sqft to nearly 70,000 sqft. There are spaces for an editorial/ VFX suite, wardrobe, art, construction and props, and a backlot area.
Technical Specification
  • Total Stage Size (Area): 127,020sq ft
  • Tallest Working Height (feet): 37ft
  • Number of stages: 6

Show Stages

Stage No. Area Tallest Working Height (feet)
169,859 sq ft37 ft
213,230 sq ft25 ft
313,536 sq ft27 ft
416,000 sq ft35 ft
57,135 sq ft16 ft
67,260 sq ft19 ft
On-site parking
Production offices
Contact Information
Production Credits
  • Aladdin: Walt Disney Pictures 2019