In recent years, the UK has seen a monumental growth in production across the English Regions, from Mission Impossible to Waterloo Road to Bridgerton to Indiana Jones – and it’s this growth that has provided an opportunity to open doors for people from all backgrounds to enter the industry…

With more and more productions shooting in the regions, an increase in major studio builds, and the ongoing skills shortage fuelling the need for more people – the industry is now closer to home than ever before. At Filming in England, we want to make the industry accessible.

We are all about career support

Working nationally, our Crewing Team are on a mission to help both new entrants and educational organisations support opportunities surrounding careers in the industry. We are proudly working in partnership with the national body for skills, ScreenSkills, and the regional BFI Skills Clusters to achieve our shared goal of an accessible industry.


Are you working with people with an interest in/studying Film & TV? Great! But we also want to spread the word to those with an interest in other subjects, too. Maths, English, Art, Geography, Crafts to name but a few.


Working with colleges, schools, youth groups, universities and networks, these are just some of the things we can offer:


  • Virtual career talks focusing exclusively on Film & TV 
  • Provide tailored career advice and CV feedback
  • Provide you with an informative pack to understand the support and opportunities from the wider industry in getting your first step in the industry
  • A friendly industry point of contact
  • Additional opportunities for in-person attendance

Waterloo Road © Wall To Wall Rope Ladder Fiction

Do you work in education? 

Are you an organisation or network working with talented, skilled people? Are you curious to learn more about just how they can forge a career in the industry?

Get in touch with our Crewing Team today: 

Our Crewing Team are committed to building a guidance centre of career resources to aid new entrants progress in Film & TV.