Studio Information

  • Stage 1: 3,200sq. ft, height 16.5ft
  • Stage 2: 10,750sq. ft, height 16.5ft
  • Stage 3: 10,750sq. ft, height 16.5ft


A brand-new large dedicated commercial film and TV studio and production facility opening in early summer 2021.

Re-purposing over 30,000sq. ft of former industrial sheds creating:  2 x  sound stages;  a large green screen studio (Stage 1); production offices; workshop space; green room; costume; make-up; screening room; storage; and a large secure lot.

Acoustic performance:

-Stages 2 & 3 have acoustic curtains with tracks to enable each to be split into two working areas

-The divisions between the 3 stages are acoustically secure and each stage has a Clarke’s acoustic sliding door rated at 53Db

-At 16.5 ft height all 3 stages have horizontal acoustic curtain to create an acoustic envelope

-The whole exterior roof area is netted to prevent noise from birds




The Northern Studios
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The Northern Studio




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