Studio Information

8 stages ranging from 8,000 – 22,000sq. ft, heights of up to 70ft and an impressive 5,000sq. ft green screen studio with infinity coving and green floor. A further 3 new stages due to be available from 2022 following site expansion.

Just two hours from London/2.5 hours by train to Bristol Temple Meads.

  • Tank House 1: 12,400sq. ft, height 27ft
  • Tank House 2: 17,087sq. ft, height 27ft
  • Tank House 3: 7,110sq. ft, height 65ft
  • Tank House 4: 21,700sq. ft, height 24ft
  • Studio 2: 18,352sq. ft, height 27ft
  • Studios 3 Green Screen: 9,405sq. ft, height 27ft
  • Studio 6: 9,405sq. ft, height 27ft
  • Export Warehouse: 15,945sq. ft, height 27ft


The Bottle Yard Studios is the largest dedicated film and TV studio facility in the West of England, offering eight stages of flexible space, including a giant green screen studio, large back lot and extensive parking. Equipped with workshops, production offices, costume and dressing-rooms, plus a thriving hub of creative on-site tenants.




The Bottle Yard Studios
Whitechurch Lane
BS14 0BH
+44(0) 117 357 6888


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