Sky Blue Studios

              Level 0: 106, 950 sq. ft, height 3.46m (Lobby, Car Park, Loading bay)
              Level 1: 103, 710 sq. ft, height 3.28m (Car Park, Ancillary spaces)
              Level 2: 116, 099 sq. ft, Height 4.29m (Car Park, Ancillary spaces)
              Level 3: 86,455 sq. ft, height 9.51m (Build space, racking, escalators, mezzanine)
              Level 4: NA as currently in use 
              Level 5: 72,355sq ft, height 4.45m (Flexible Production & Ancillary space)
              Level 6: 74, 303sq ft, height 3.10m (Flexible Production & Ancillary space


Sky Blue Studios is a ‘sustainable-first’ studio facility accommodating film, TV and immersive media production. The studios are in Coventry, West Midlands – located on the western edge of Coventry City Centre, 20 miles east of Birmingham (20 minutes by train from Birmingham New Street) and 90 miles north-west of London (1 hour by train from London Euston).

This former Ikea has 553,104 sq. ft. to offer across 6 floors of flexible, spacious studio, location, and production space. As a ‘sustainable-first’ facility, Sky Blue Studios promotes and manages low-carbon creative content production and works with production companies to help support and reduce all areas of our collective environmental impact.



Sky Blue Studios
Croft Road
C: Louise White
07956251986/ 01926 642570


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