Bray Film Studios

Stages                Stage 1: 8,546 sq ft, height 10m
                             Stage 2: 10,947 sq ft, height 10m
                             Stage 3: 2,260 sq ft, height 6m
                             Stage 4: 9,731 sq ft
                             Stage 5: 22,152 sq ft

Facilities            Workshops: 77,480 sq ft
                             Offices: 39,400 sq ft
                             Backlot: 182,952 sq ft
                             Parking: 156,000 sq ft

Bray Film Studios is a historic studio facility located on the bank of the Thames, just 25 miles from Central London and 13 miles from Heathrow Airport. With an 18th century former English country house at its heart, the studios have provided creative space for some of the greatest talent in film and music, welcoming over 120 productions – including Ridley Scott’s Alien, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and more recently Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again and Elton John biopic Rocketman.  

Bray Studios offer a large range of facilities to productions. Alongside 53 636 sq ft of stages, they offer production, costume and H&S offices; SFX, carpenters, painters, prop making and electoral workshops; and a myriad of further on site facilities. Browse the full facilities specifications available at the studios here. 


Bray Film Studios
Windsor Road
Water Oakley


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